Medicine Ways
  World-healing Ceremonies with Tibetans and First Nations

Lama Lobsang by his teepee

In July 2004, people of Central British Columbia gathered for an event called Medicine Ways. This six-day gathering, held among teepees at the beautiful and ancient Xats'ull Heritage Village site, was hosted by Spirit Dance Centre for Spiritual Ecology, a registered Canadian charity, working with the Xats’ull First Nations Band and Tibetan Geshe Larampa Gendün Yonten.

Medicine Ways brought together Tibetan and First Nations healers and spiritual teachers with members of the public in order to share, celebrate and preserve the spiritual traditions of these indigenous peoples. Before a diverse gathering of healthcare workers, alternative healers, resident natives, farmers, teenagers, van-loads of elders, passing tourists, and the curious, the two traditions explored the similarities between their spiritual ways and presented teachings, earth-healing ceremonies and prayers for world peace. Medicine Ways 2005 schedule Medicine Ways 2004 pictures

The 2005 Medicine Ways gathering took place between August 9th and 14th at Xats’ull Heritage Village Site -- about 35 km north of Williams Lake. This event included:

    Geshe Gendün & Grandmother Sara
  • Building a traditional Tibetan sand mandala
  • First Nations drumming circles, songs and prayers and traditional dances
  • Tibetan teachings on Buddhist meditation and philosophy
  • First Nations spiritual teachings
  • Tibetan chanting and sacred ceremonies
  • First Nations pipe ceremonies and sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Evening campfires with traditional (and untraditional!) dancing, songs and drumming
  • Discussion periods with participants
  • Personal consultations offered by First Nations medicine people
  • Meals were available on site. There are numerous campsites and other accomodations nearby.
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The Medicine Ways event offers the First Nations communities a venue to demonstrate, share and publicly practice their ancient spiritual traditions in an atmosphere of pride and respect. It offers the Tibetans an opportunity to share and preserve their cultural and spiritual traditions, and to increase understanding of the situation in Tibet. It offers the public of the Cariboo-Chilcotin an opportunity to learn about and experience these ancient and rich indigenous spiritual traditions -- as well as to develop our own sense of spiritual community. The event also contributes to multi-cultural understanding, compassion and peace among peoples. Finally, Medicine Ways is held to help to heal planet Earth herself, through a profound demonstration of rituals for her well-being.

Just a few of the hundreds of responses to Medicine Ways:

I was so excited to be told about your incredible group and this collaborative annual event. I am a Heiltsuk First Nations woman who seeks ways to create bridges and work towards a peaceful way of co-existing and being in the world.  Michelle Reid

Thank you for one of the greatest times of my life! To share this with new friends, the Medicine people and most of all the Tibetans was such a blessing. This gathering came at the most appropriate time in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Claire Paul

You opened my eyes and heart to a higher potential of human kinship and provided the crucial connections for my life to unfold along this path.  Tyler Walton

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